Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Message Isn't The Problem

For the past week or so, Charlie Sykes and some of his trained parrots have been going on about how Scott Walker and the Republicans are doing such a wonderful thing by stripping people of their rights.

Sykes also said that Walker's biggest problem is that he just isn't "messaging" very well and people just don't recognize that their impending fiscal doom is going to be the best thing that happened to them.

But Walker's problem isn't the message he's trying to feed us.

Walker's problem is that there just simply isn't enough lipstick for that pig.  And now that he has awoken and revitalized the sleeping giant of the middle class and the unions, he has bigger problems to worry about.

Such as if he can ever make an appearance without having his supporters outnumbered 10:1.


  1. The fact that Snot Walker has "messaging" issues with the two biggest talk radio stations in the state, every talking head TV show and MJS carrying water for his sub-standard message tells you everything you need to know about the believability of this farce!!

  2. And that maybe all the Koch money may not save the collective asses of the senate GOP or Scott Walker.

    It has been great to see people finally get off of their behinds. Too bad it took this to do it.