Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bad News For Milwaukee News

Jay Bullock reminds us when this town had two papers. The decidedly more conservative Milwaukee Sentinel, and the more liberal Milwaukee Journal, with its fabulous Green Sheet.

Then in the mid-1990's, the two papers merged to become the decidedly conservative Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. They chose the wrong paper to emulate apparently.

Over the last few years they have suffered one dramatic cut back after another, the biggest blow to point was when they forced Stuart Carlson to leave.

Word is coming out at even more drastic cuts at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, now including the loss of Tim Cuprisin. Mike Mathias has even more here, as does Jason Haas.

I have often heard mention a growing belief that before long, MJS will follow many other papers and become only available on line. Even though I obviously have a computer, and would still have access, I would still miss the days of reading the paper over my morning bowl of Cheerios, or pointing out a story for my wife to clip for her scrapbook.

But with this new round of losses, and the fact that, if Mathias is correct, PaddyMac will still be around to torture us with his tortured logic, I will have to again ponder whether I want to finish this subscription, which lasts until next year, or take my money and run. After all, I am paying a lot of money for something that seems to becoming less and less worthwhile every day.

We at Whallah! would like to extend our sympathies to those hard working journalists that are being shown the door, whether they like it or not.

But I do have to point out that MJS had a golden opportunity to turn their fate around earlier this year and they blew it.

Oh, and Mr. Cuprisin, if you ever get bored, and want to keep your mad skillz intact, you always got a home here.

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