Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Ever Classy Belling

From Cory Liebmann's Eye on Wisconsin:

Belling is clearly a long time Scott Walker cheerleader and has zero tolerance for anyone else trying to run against him in the primary for governor. So that means the worst of the insults during his July 17th rant were directed at anyone possibly responsible for Mark Neumann getting into the race. For most Walker supporters that hostility is largely saved for Republican big deal Jim Klauser. Belling said that he was disappointed in Mark Neumann for turning over his campaign to someone that he called a "false prophet". He warned his listeners to be wary of such "false prophets" that claim to be Republicans because it is their only way to get power.

Apparently the fact that Jim Klauser is not backing Walker is not the only reason that Belling attacked him. Belling has apparently joined the paranoia of Rep. Robin Vos in thinking that a new business group (that Klauser is a part of) actually exists to raise money for the current governor. In fact Belling is so sure of this conspiracy that he took to calling long-time Republican and Tommy! aide, Phillip Prange, a (political) "transvestite" because "he goes both ways." I'm not sure he is using the correct terminology here but you get the point.

The rest is an absolute must read to see how mucked up the Republicans in this state really are.

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