Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Squawkers and Birthers

Brawler takes on Charlie's misdirection regarding the whole ridiculous birther movement:

You can accuse Charlie Sykes of many things, but you can't accuse him of being burdened by conscience or having a nose for conspiracy theories gone too far.

So naturally Charlie was an early adopter in opposing the birther conspiracy theory (ie, Obama is not a natural born citizen). The Brawler recalls him "standing up for what's right" in this instance before the election, even when callers raised it. And callers have continued to raise it.

And on today's show, Charlie said enough is enough.

But do you know who's fault it is we're hearing about the birthers (Charlie adding that the story's been all over the place the past 7 to 10 days). Not the birthers themselves. It's the fault of the liberal mainstream media who cover the birthers!

Meanwhile, folkbum takes out PaddyMac with just one sentence.

But one shouldn't underestimate the power of these insane birthers. They even have the Kevin "The Brain" Binversie all flummoxed by a simple spoof.


  1. C'mon. Anybody who would host Cuprisin, and would pretend to be a media blog, would be lower than the JournalSentinel itself. Should we expect a similar invitation to your Ms. McBride? Her motivation at least is clearer than yours.

  2. Whoever said this was a media blog?