Thursday, July 2, 2009

He Did Not Complete Her

Poor Dan Bice. Jessica McBride dropped him as a friend on Facebook:

We here at Whallah! extend our congratulations condolences to Mr. Bice.


  1. Take a look at Chuckles Sykes' latest postings. He is taking another out-of-work female reporter and is "grooming" her like he did with Ms. McBride. If I were the reporter's husband, I would be on the alert!

  2. Another exposé of the two lovebirds on:

    Yes, it was partly political, just like Jessica's "solidarity" sister in Sheboygan, Jeni Reisinger and her own affair with a married cop.

    Reisinger is the one suing Sheboygan's former Hispanic mayor and city attorney over a cease-and-desist letter asking her to remove links to the SPD. She retained Bucher, "coincidentally," after Jessica left a message on her hate blog telling Jeni to shoot her an email because she had "and idea."

    This show of "solidarity" from McBride (and the righty blogs and CRG Milwaukee) was after Reisinger sent a letter to Belling seeking publicity. Now she's trying to claim damages for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by the publicity.

  3. I know this blog is a place to poke fun...but this is serious. After watching the report on WISN I have changed my mind. I am thoroughly disgusted by the unprofessionalism by both parties involved. I have a daughter at UWM and I will make sure when she is ready to take her journalism classes she does not get McBride as a teacher. As for's time for him to go. He divulged conversations he had in private with the Mayor about serious issues to McBride just to score points to help him get into her pants. That is beyond unprofessional.

  4. When does this creature's contract run out at UWM? Shouldn't there be some kind of petition to remove her? Or would that instead help her cause?

  5. Write to Provost Cheng if you are concerned about Jessica McBride's ability to educate on anything journalistic.

    Rita Cheng
    Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
    Chapman Hall
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413

    She wants to hear from YOU!!!