Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey, Where's My Check?!

Mark Belling went on one of his usual fact-free screeds this afternoon.

This time it was about that new, hip and happening group, Milwaukee County First, of which I happen to be fortunate enough to be the chair.

Here is a link to his podcast. He starts to fly off the handle at about halfway through the podcast.

Belling, as his wont, doesn't have too many facts available to him, and so he confabulates things as he goes along.

Milwaukee County First is an independent, non-partisan group made up of strictly volunteers from all walks of life. But in Belling's world, he has us salaried employees of either AFSCME, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and/or One Wisconsin Now. I just wish he'd figure out who is bankrolling us soon, so I know who I am supposed to hit up for our checks, since we haven't gotten any money from any of them.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I do hold a non-paid position as Chair of the PEOPLE Committee in my local.)

He also seems to think that we have multiple sites with multiple names, including Putting Milwaukee County First, which doesn't even exist according to a quick Google search.

It is telling that the right wing squawkers are so insecure about their boy, Scott Walker, that they are already trying to smear us and tell lies about us even though we are only in the second day since we launched. But if this is the best they can do, we will be just fine.


  1. Have any conservatives in membership or leadership?

  2. Dan, there's no litmus test for joining, besides being genuinely concerned about the decline of Milwaukee County.

  3. That's besides the point, which is that Belling spews out lies continuously over the radio because he has an audience that loves to have lies pour into your ears.

    Take Al Franken for example. All of his books have footnotes and attribution because he uses facts. As he puts it, "I often go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics when I have a point to make, Rush goes to the bureau of his butt."