Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

Most political junkies are already aware that Fred Dooley, proprietor of Real Dimwit Wisconsin and "official blogger" for the MacGuyver Institution threw out a racist tweet.

It's been covered by most lefty bloggers including Zach and Al at Blogging Blue, One Wisconsin Now, and Cory Liebmann. It was even covered by a right winger, Rabbit.

Mike Mathias and Harris Kane not only cover the story, but argue that Fred should be fired from the Institution.

I would respectfully disagree with this stance. The MacGuyverians do not have to fire Dooley.

This is still America, and we do have rights. Dooley has a right to write what he wants, no matter how ignorant it might be, as long as it is not slanderous or libel, or would endanger public safety unnecessarily. Just as we have the right to point out that they are being fronted by a guy that makes racist tweets, and then fails to own up to his responsibility.


  1. Stupid comment, yes. Overwrought hand wringing, of course.
    Show me a blogger or Tweeter (is that you call them- I've never been on twitter, so really have no clue what it is about)who hasn't wrote something stupid or something they regret. My goodness, capper, all the over the wall stuff you say about Walker should constitute a hate crime.

  2. Sweet Jesus at the turnpike - You think I'm a LEFTY ?!?!?!

  3. Dan-

    Over the wall? Then prove me wrong.


    Sorry old boy. It has been duly corrected.

  4. I wonder how many people who think this is no big deal are people of color. Not many. I know racism when I see it. This idea of it being "no big deal" is a big deal in itself.