Monday, January 17, 2011

Belling: Anti-Semitic, Paranoid, Or Both?

Last week, Mark Belling went on the tirade de jour, which involved the question of whether to allow the Marriott Hotel to be built at the cost of some historic buildings.

During said tirade, Belling came out with a conspiracy theory that involved "a cabal" who are determined to prevent anything new to come to Milwaukee.

For good measure, he pointed out what he thought was a pertinent fact:
“The fact that the majority of them are Jewish may be neither here nor there.”
Michael Horne, reporting for Milwaukee News Buzz, had this to lead off his report on the matter:
The topic at hand was the proposed Marriott Hotel and Belling’s belief that there is a conspiracy among the Jews to keep it from being developed as planned. According to Belling, the group that controls things uses a network of “patsies” to do its bidding. These pliant Gentiles include Ald. Bob Bauman and architect David Uihlein.

Their overlords are “The Marcus family, Franklyn Gimbel, who runs the convention center board dominating the west side of the river.” They are “part of this cabal of people that just don’t want anything new to happen in Milwaukee,” Belling charged, “a handful of people who control things.”
It is difficult to determine whether Belling felt that he had to point out some sort of Jewish cabal masterminding all of the events in Milwaukee was just his natural bigotry bubbling through, the rantings of a paranoid half-wit, or a little bit of both. But whatever cause you wish to attribute to his rants, it does not have a place in civilized conversation, much less being broadcast over public airwaves.

But perhaps the slandered Franklyn Gimbel put it in the best and most succinct way:
Attorney Frank Gimbel, who has been head of the Milwaukee Convention Center District Board since he was appointed in 1994 by Governor Tommy Thompson, tells NewsBuzz, “Belling’s comments, as usual, are Bullsh-t.”
It should also be noted that James Rowen was on top of this story from the beginning, complete with updates.


  1. Mark Belling has been extremely supportive of Israel as a whole and particularly of the Jewish community in Milwaukee. Quit grasping at straws and point out the significant elements of racism in our city.

  2. Mental Midget Belling is finally realizing Jewish power in Nilwaukee. You don't dare EVER mention "Jew", "Jewish", "Israel" unless it is for RAH RAH unanimous support, or praise. NO criticism, constructive or otherwise is ALLOWED. Let's see how long his hiatus penalty will be this time. It may help his already high ratings!

  3. Mr. Baker,

    If Belling weren't anti-Semitic, he would never have made that comment. It is totally irrelevant to what he was talking about, even if it were true.

    Anonymous 6:07, Is that you, Charlie Sykes?

  4. Charlie Sykes would always get a pass because he is a Jew. There was no outrage, complaint, or tirade when Belling criticized the Archdiocese over the homosexual sex scandal. So, it looks like Jewish Marxism and the Soviet Gulags are coming to America when a public affairs talk-show host doesn't have the freedom to speak his mind on a topic that is being opposed by this cabal.

  5. Belling, Sykes still have the right to speak their mind. But if they make idiotic and/or bigoted comments, we have the right to call them out on it.

    And considering the hotel was approved, it makes Belling's bigotry all the more stupid.

  6. The funny part about it, is that I agree with Belling that there is a small group of individuals with "big fish, small pond" syndrome in Milwaukee who are very resistant to anything that changes the city from what it was 40 years ago, and it's a big reason why the town seems to stay stuck in neutral.

    But what's ironic about it is that group is the Harry and Lynde Bradleys, Charles Sykes', and Mark Bellings of the world, who produce puppets such as Scott Walker. These people hate that Milwaukee is ethnically and economically diverse, and want to drive the city down as much as possible. And they use their many media outlets to sabotage any kind of progress and advancement that Milwaukee may want to make to the 21st Century, be it in transit, research industries, or anything resembling knowledge-based investment.

    So as with a lot of things in right-wing media, Belling's got a serious case of projection going on here.

  7. So it is you, "capper" who is to decide what comments are "idiotic" or "bigoted", and the subsequent penalty of a "gag" order? What any intelligent individual knows, is that the Jews own much of downtown Nilwaukee, and don't want any competition from outsiders. Maybe if Belling hadn't brought the matter to public light, the project would have been stuck in the mud do to their puppet Tom Barrett.

  8. Or it could be that you, "anonymous," is also an anti-Semite.

  9. Capper: Your use of "anti-Semite" shows your mentality to be very low. Walt & Mearscheimer's book on Israel and U.S. Foreign policy, makes reference to that term as "meaningless". Have you read this excellent book?