Saturday, January 1, 2011

But He Likes Ronald Reagan

James T. Harris once again shows himself to be a classless boor by calling for the death of Dick Clark:
Tonight on ABC, I watched a very old, feeble American icon, mumble and stutter, through an already sparse script. It was shocking! It ruined my New year's party. My children were frightened. I can't believe ABC won't do the right thing and put Dick out of his misery.
Calling for a man's death for nothing except for being old, kind of shows who is really behind any death panels, doesn't it?

Now, imagine if someone said that about Ronald Reagan...


  1. I'm fairly confident Reagan's mental deficiencies were showing behind the scenes far more than has been admitted publicly, especially the last year or two. I wonder if a public account will ever be added to the historical record.

  2. Given the way Mr. Handsome bans anyone who isn't sucking up to him with copious agreement, we can't go to his blog to ask the question.

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