Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cuprisin Wrong On Mercure

When it was announced that John Mercure would get the afternoon drive time slot on WTMJ-AM, we had our doubts about it.

Today, on Mercure's first day, Tim Cuprisin did an article on Mercure. In said article, Cuprisin wrote this:
What it won't be is a show with a political point of view, like the programs hosted by Charlie Sykes and Jeff Wagner on WTMJ, and Mercure's main competition, Mark Belling on WISN-AM (1130).

"It will not have a political ideology. I want everybody to listen, and I'm going to go after Republicans as hard as I go after Democrats. It will not have a bent one way or the other."
Well, I will admit I only caught the last ten minutes of the show, but what I heard was Mercure gushing over Scott Walker, just as much as Sykes ever has done.

Mercure must have had chills running up and down his leg as he described how frugal Walker is, both with his own money and the tax payers money.

I guess the crack reporter failed to bring up Walker's $2000+ per month SUV.

Yeah, I don't think I'll be listening to that show too much.


  1. For the record, I also quoted Mercure as saying: "But there will opportunity for some opinion, some perspective, some analysis."

  2. "some opinion, some perspective, some analysis" again, as always, meaning = from the right.

  3. So what if the commentary is from the right. If you want liberal commentary, get your own outlet.

  4. Dan,

    Then you can't claim to have no political ideology...

  5. Well, then Tim, I'm afraid that Mercure lied in that quote. But don't worry, you're still our favorite.

  6. So what if Mercure has an good opinion about Walker. I certainly don't like Walker, but what, Mercure would be your best bud if he had blasted him?

    Besides, you heard only 10 minutes of the show. What happens if Mercure puts Walker's feet to the fire for his policies? Will Mercure then be off your s&^$ list?

    Let's give some time before we start jumping to conclusions.

  7. It's one thing to like Walker. It's wholly another thing to lie for Walker. BTW, I did catch more of his show later in the week. I've been listening to FM a lot more lately because of that.

  8. "...If you want liberal commentary, get your own outlet. "

    They did, it failed...