Saturday, January 22, 2011

Harris Gets Beat Like By A Drum

It appears that James T. Harris doesn't have all that much popularity, as evidenced by this piece from The Milwaukee Drum:
However, I cannot respect the means by which he goes about his business. I’ve waited and waited for the jester to someday turn into the master of ceremony of Black Conservative Talk… but the clock turned to midnight and with it my Maybach turned back to my bus pass .

I peep his Facebook page every other week or so and you know what? It’s the same tired anti-Obama this, Obama hates America, the Obamas are socialists, Chocolate Jesus that, blah blah blah. His commentary (written/oral) is the stuff made of a high school debate team gone bad. What’s truly disappointing is that (I believe) he is a smart man and could be taken serious in the pundit game if he applied skill and savvy not sketch comedy.

If he REALLY HAD THE GOODS, JTH would be to Black Conservative Talk what John Coltrane was with a saxaphone… pure genius and a pide pieper leading people away from the sure death of ignorance and base political diatribe. Yet he settles for juvenile and elementary conversation in the shallow end of the pool. What will be his relevance when President Obama is no longer in the Oval Office? Will Fox News call the “Chocolate Henny Penny” then?
If nothing else, the picture they use is worth the click over.

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