Friday, January 28, 2011

Sykes & Bellilng's phony 'gotcha'

Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling -- the guys whose tapes the FBI now plays to torture people in standoffs and get them to surrender -- are all a-twitter over comments someone taped of Chris Abele speaking to Milwaukee County Democrats, in which he describes himself as someone who supports "lefty" causes.

In an email, the county party lets a little air out of the gasbags: you'd expect, Sykes and Belling have been playing edited, out-of-context
comments from Mr. Abele on their radio shows.

The Beavis and Butthead of Milwaukee radio even went as far as saying they had a "secret" tape, and that Mr. Abele didn't know he was being recorded. Of course, the Milwaukee Dems very publicly had a video camera rolling, and we routinely live stream our meetings over the Internet. This was a totally fabricated "gotcha" moment.

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