Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Belling Starts Digging That Hole Deeper

Yesterday, we discussed how Mark "Bombastic Boy" Belling dug himself into a bit of a hole with what could easily be conceived as an anti-Semitic remark. He was kvetching about the proposed Marriott Hotel and the delays in getting the proposal approved.

Instead of clearing things up like an adult, Belling takes the advice of Ron Johnson who said that if you find yourself in a hole, "start digging."

Since then, it made the local paper when reporter Tom Daykin brought it up. The key part of his post was Mayor Tom Barrett's response to Belling's bigotry:
Belling, Barrett told Horne, was “way off-base with his offensive comments. I was offended. There is no reason to bring someone’s religion into this debate and I think he owes an apology."
Today, Tim Cuprisin of picked up on the story. According to Cuprisin's report, Belling was anything but apologetic. Belling's rant about the issue was incoherent in itself. But the telltale mark comes at the end of Cuprisin's article (emphasis ours):
Belling repeated that it "may be neither here nor there," saying "It's what I meant and what I believed."

"I don't care what it sounds like I'm saying," he said. "I don't give three rips what it might lead people to think."

James Rowen, who has been covering this since the beginning, is also putting his two cents in.


  1. Well, at least Belling is not Sly in the Morning. The left owns Sly. You own Sly, have fun with that POS.

  2. We'll take Sly. I'd take a few more like him, to be honest. At least his rips are based on reality (which is a standard you have to reach on the left, unlike the TMJ/ ISN crowd).

    Seriously, was Sly really wrong about the Lt. Gov? I mean, why do you think she got noticed by Sykes and co and won the primary, and what's she telemarketing about anyway?

  3. Jake, you are a very, very, very sick person.

  4. Sly has offered a very public apology. Will you demand the same from Belling? Or from Sykes for when he lied about me? Or are you just glamming onto one idiot in an effort to hide the mindset of the conservative base, where bigotry is not only welcome, but expected.

  5. Umm, capper, I have never went after you personally, even though you done so to me many times. I've even defended you against Sykes the first time he went after you. So, please don't give me this about behavior of talk show host and so-called right wing bigotry
    What Sly said is so much more damaging and hateful than what Belling has said. Further, Sly has been doing this crap for many, many years. Belling was suspended for 1 day or so for using a racial slur one time. And Sly got what for his hurtful rant? Nothing because liberals in Madison really don't have standards.

  6. Belling made a racial slurs against two entire races (Hispanics in the first and now Jews). Belling has made his fair share of sexist comments as well.

    Same goes for Sykes.

    Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh or even more egregious.

    Yes, Sly was wrong, and he apologized. Whether or not there will be further consequences, time will tell.

    However, to say that Sykes, Belling, et al, should get a pass because of one guy is absolutely ridiculous.

  7. Danny- I am sick, but it's quite a sick world. Especially when a dropout and a fundie dimwit are my state's 1 and 2 right now.

    The joke was legit- the Lt. Gov got her job due to her looks turning on old white suburban men and fundies, and is now telemarketing out-of-state businesses. It's not like Sly was Belling and Sykes just throwing something against the wall and race-baiting, the joke was grounded in reality (but we understand that your type doesn't get comedy or irony).

    And for you to be all offended over 1 host in Madison shows how weak you are. We get a steady drumbeat of trash like that from numerous hosts in the largest markets in the state, but you think that's just swell. Just be happy that we have real jobs and lives and aren't the monolithic wastes that listen to Milwaukere squawk radio, or else there'd be a lot more shows like Sly's in other markets, at which point you'd shrivel up into the fetal.

  8. "At least his rips are based on reality"

    And I quote Sly;

    "Like giving Milwaukee talk show hosts fellatio or, she pulls the train"?

    What reality is that. The holier than thou reality?

    I'll take Belling when it comes to class.

  9. I never said to give Belling a pass.