Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Sexist At WISN

Dan Cody takes Jay Weber to the woodshed for another bout of faux outrage. A key excerpt to give you a flavor:
Facts never get in the way of spreading straight up lies on the public AM airwaves though! Plus, it gives them a chance to express faux outrage about wasted tax dollars while getting to toss in childish comments like “Queen Nancy!” while calling her “witch” and “honey“. Clever, but your station already has one sexist talk show host Jay.


  1. Well, considering Dan C. got it wrong, I am not surprised you would defend him.
    BTW, how would you describe Queen Nancy?
    P.S. You have Dan in the spam word. How thoughtful. thopugh I never considered me me to be an undan.

  2. Dan, the issue isn't how one feels about Pelosi. The issue is how one expresses those feelings.

    Weber's terms were clearly condescending and sexist. If you can not or will not pick up on that, says a lot about you.