Monday, March 23, 2009

Rose Fernandez's Scandal?

Given how Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling were so gung-ho on calling out DPI candidate Tony Evers' campaign on something that they didn't even do, I was sure that they would have covered the scandal regarding Rose Fernandez and Rep. Don Pridemore's questionable politicking through public office.

Instead, there is not even a peep that I could tell of.

Even Sykes' compatriot, Aaron Rodriguez, who was all over that Tony Evers' story (and then backtracking on his use of an apostrophe) hasn't covered the questionable stunt by Pridemore.

What Rodriguez does do is try to discredit Cory Liebmann's stellar work regarding Fernandez. Unfortunately for Rodriguez, he fails miserably.

I shan't bore the reader with his long, struggling attempt and failure of refuting Cory's work, but draw the reader to one paragraph in particular:
If Fernandez had access to to these "substantial resources", wouldn't she have raised more than $20,000 in the primaries? The fact remains that Fernandez, out of necessity, had to loan her own campaign $4,000 dollars in order to reach the minimum qualifying amount for public funding. Where were the deep pockets of K12 in the primaries? And why did Rose need to loan her own campaign money if she was in a covert partnership with K12? Evers, on the other hand, has substantial resources with the WEAC endorsement. He raised more than $95,000 in the primaries, $26,000 from local unions, and this doesn't include $200,000 in WEAC's paid television advertisements in Dane County.
Does Mr. Fernandez really believe that we have forgotten about how much money the special interests have poured into the last two Wisconsin Supreme Court races? Or how these special interests have bought seats for two justices, Ziegler and Gableman, who have the distinct dishonor of bringing shame and a cloud of corruption to the highest court in the state?

I'm sorry, Mr. Fernandez, but I don't want our schools or our children going to the highest bidder. Nor do I want to have my taxes go up while she shows us that she doesn't know what the heck she is doing and making things only worse.

For further enlightenment on just how bad of a candidate Ms. Fernandez is, I would kindly refer to the fine ramblings and rants of my friend, Jay Bullock.


  1. Bad timing on this one..

  2. Given Bellings credibility, I'm waiting for verification from a more reliable source. So far none has been forthcoming.