Thursday, March 5, 2009

Superficial Charlie

For someone who should be glad that people aren't normally judged by their looks, Charlie is being rather superficial and, well, ugly.

The Brawler explains.


  1. Chuck should realize that even the Mafia didn't go after the old ladies.

  2. Charlie feels threatened because Helen Thomas has bigger journalistic huevos than he does.

    Heen's awards include: Sigma Delta Chi "fellow" & Hall of Fame
    Michigan Women's Hall of Fame
    Ohio University Journalism Award
    University of Texas Journalism Award
    Columbia University Journalism Award
    William Allen White Journalism Award
    National Press Club Fourth Estate Award
    Bob Considine Award, Hearst Newspapers
    Aldo Beckman Award
    Wayne State University Journalism Award
    International Women’s Media Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award
    Society of Professional Journalists First Lifetime Award
    Glamour Woman of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award

    The best Ol' Chuckles can do is Jerk of the Week Emeritus from the Express.

  3. Helen Thomas is a hack journalist. She is rude and biased and probably half senile. The way she treated Bush was despicable, with no respect.

  4. Dan,

    It sounds like you're jealous. But as OS would say, it makes us feel smarter already.

  5. I had the pleasure of spending an evening going out to dinner with Helen Thomas a couple years ago, just after she was on the Colbert Report. She was more energetic than people half her age and quite capable of expressing herself. You might disagree with her views, but that's no reason to presume she's incompetent.

  6. Rude, biased and half-senile. If that's not a perfect description of Chuckles' act I don't know what might.

  7. Helen Thomas is an opinion writer and the same as Rush Limbaugh. How would you like it if Rush sat in on Obama's press conferences? You, on the Left would be outraged.
    She is also very rude and disrecptful towards Bush. When she is disrecpectuf towards the president, she disrepctful towards the office and she is disrespectful towards the White house press corp.
    As far as being half senile, if you ever heard some of her questions and rantings, you wouldn't doubt it, unless that is how other memebers of the left behave, which maybe, who knows, maybe that explain a few things.

  8. Helen Thomas is an opinion writer and the same as Rush Limbaugh.

    I thought Rush Limbaugh was an entertainer. And last I heard, she's never traveled to the Dominican Republic loaded up with Viagra ... like someone we know.

  9. Damn Tim, I thought you retired.
    "like someone we know."
    And who would that be?

  10. Dan...Everything you pointed out about Helen may be true but then you go after her on those issues not on what she looks like.

  11. I didn't retire, I just closed shop on my blog for a while. Don't know where you got that.

    And who would that be?

    I thought you traveled with him.

  12. Damn her Dan, reporting facts and all, not making things up like Rush. Guess you know what constitutes quality reporting.