Monday, March 16, 2009

Conservative Women Show Real Class

Megan McCain, daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain (R-the desert), had started her own blog to talk about her feelings during her father's failed run for POTUS. She has kept up the blogging, and apparently recently took some conservative squawkers, like Ann Coulter, to task about something.

Another nationally known squawker, Laura Ingraham, went on the attack. But not for her politics, or for what she said or did, but for her looks:
After McCain, 24, criticized Anne Coulter and other far right conservatives in an online column, political commentator Laura Ingraham heckled her on her radio show last week. She said the daughter of former presidential nominee John McCain was "just another Valley Girl gone awry." She then mocked McCain in a faux Valley Girl voice, saying that she didn't get a "role in the Real World" because "they don't like plus-sized models."
I will be honest and admit that I have never listed to Ingraham, except for the clips I've heard when she ripped on Brett Favre the first time he retired. But from what I've read, she appears to be strictly one of those shock type of squawkers, like Michael Savage or Rush Limbaugh or An Coulter, who say obnoxious things like that just to draw attention to themselves.

It tells me two things about these types of people. One is that they don't have an intellectual view on anything, and are only trying to get the other person upset to throw them off balance.

The other thing is that they must be feeling very insecure and/or have a very low self-esteem that the only way that they can build themselves up is to tear other people down.

James Wigderson, a conservative local blogger, also has some views on the subject. He does start out rather well, but then kind of loses it with a desperate "they do it too" type of defense for it. But it is still worth a look see.


  1. This certainly was a low blow by Laura Ingraham who should know better. She's a breast cancer survivor so she should have a little more compassion for the struggles women go through in life including weight and body image issues. Not to mention...she's a mother and this is not the message we need to send out to our daughters.

  2. I've heard Ingraham say she meant the comment as a joke, but that seems to me to be a joke made in poor taste at the very least, and at worst, it's downright offensive.

  3. I watched Laura Ingraham last night on O'Reilly and she said she didn't call Meghan McCain "fat". She said she was imitating Meghan McCain. Apparently...Meghan McCain writes/complains about her weight issues along with other personal issues on her blog (whether that is true or not I don't know because I never read her blog). I don't exactly like the way Laura Ingraham tried to marginalize Meghan McCain by mocking her in a "Valley Girl" voice but I don't think she was attacking Meghan based on how she looks.