Wednesday, March 4, 2009

National Rush (into) Limbo Appreciation Day

And there is a lot of people appreciating the jowly, sex- and drug-addicted, hate-mongering three-time divorcee.

First up is The Chief highlighting Limbo's problem with the Constitution.

Caffeinated Politics shows the way to the "Sorry Rush" page, where you too can apologize to Rush. (I hear that Michael Steele has that at the top of his bookmarked pages.)

Grumps describes the website thusly:
The handy drop down boxes make it easy for you to personalize your own message to the drug-addicted serial monogamist sex tourist who now speaks for all Conservatives. Rumor has it that JtP will be insulting Rushbo at the AFP Navel-Gazing Expo and Ice Fishing Jamboree just so he can apologize next week.
Tim Rock thinks that Rush looks like a mafia hitman.

Jim Burkee takes a more serious look at Rush:

Ideological movements need people like Rush Limbaugh to convey beliefs in engaging and simplified ways - something he is particularly skilled at doing. But if conservatism is to retain any semblance of intellectual depth, the seriousness and reasoned consistency necessary to transform it again into a broad, majoritarian movement, conservatives must vocally reject any notion that Rush Limbaugh is a prominent or serious leader.

Looking to a man who refers to opposition leaders as "Dingy Harry" and "Barack the Magic Negro" conveys all the sobriety and profundity of "Joe the Plumber." It's entertaining, but hardly the stuff of movements.

The problem is, as a friend and fan of Rush Limbaugh told me this morning, "There's nothing else out there" for conservatives.
Kay has a video telling people to "Just Say No."

And for a look into true madness, check out this post from Carter Clews, who actually compares Rush to Jesus.


  1. Ohhh, the jealousy of the left. How funny is this, watching Obama and his minions and favorite bloggers following the marching orders of the Obama and his Whitehouse go after Limbaugh.
    Actually, it really shows how stupid the left is. Instead of marginilizing the guy, you give Limbaugh a platform, a bigger audience and more influence.
    Now he has challenged Obama to a debate. Obama will look weak in some people's eyes if he doesn't engage in a 1:1 with Limbaugh.

  2. Now he has challenged Obama to a debate. Obama will look weak in some people's eyes if he doesn't engage in a 1:1 with Limbaugh.

    I feel smarter already.

  3. Rush is a self-focused entertainer. He is no more the leader of the GOP than Kanye West is of the DNC.

    Attempts to portray him as a GOP leader are nothing but petty mud-slinging.

  4. I'll admit to a bit of schadenfreude in watching the GOP civil war. Couldn't happen to a classier bunch of folks.

    Imagining I used to vote fairly regularly for that bunch just makes me shudder.

    Jealousy! Yes. We're jealous. So whatever you do: please, please don't keep propping him up as your leader. That would be teh suxxor and make us super super jealouser!

    I think Rush should put his millions where his drug-filled mouth is and run for pres.

  5. Mr. Preston,

    It is the right that is making Rush into their leader. There are several posts from right wing sites that are calling him the leader of the GOP. The link in the post, in which Limbo is compared to Jesus, is a right wing newsletter I get for some odd reason.