Saturday, March 14, 2009

PSA: Beware Of The Ann Coulter Syndrome

From Paul Soglin:
Charlie, like Rush Limbaugh, is clearly suffering from Ann Coulter disease. Faced with the prospects of President Obama fixing the economy, the likelihood that public investment in infrastructure will stimulate private investment, and then continuing progressive majorities, Sykes, like Limbaugh, is now lashing out at anyone and everyone who was ever succeeded in life.


Charlie, just how bad are the ratings?

Charlie, do you find happiness and peace by attacking those who have it?

If you see a right winger foaming at the mouth, do not presume it is just their normal demeanor, and do not approach them. Please make sure you keep your distance, and see your doctor or read Whallah! for the proper immunization.


  1. people who live in liz woodhouses shouldn't throw stones.

  2. Immunization. Hell, it's the liberal who gave us the diasese.

  3. We gave you Ann Coulter? I don't think so. She is all yours.

  4. I'll Ann over Keith Olberman any day.

  5. I thought they were the same person.