Wednesday, March 25, 2009

That's Entertainment

Over at the circus known as the Charlie Sykes blog, a supplicant who is mad as hell (her name is fittingly Maddie) pours out bile:
Charlie – what is the end game? I am sick and damned tired of waking up every day to find out who else that hasn’t (sic) played by the rules is going to be rewarded by our government. I am sick and tired of asking why I struggle to pay my bills and put a little away for a rainy day. I am sick and God damned tired of the grasshoppers being given the keys to my trough and the trough of all of my fellow ants. Why don’t they just take everything? Identify society’s producers and just take EVERYTHING that they have and give it to society’s non-producers and at least spare my weary ears from having to hear who is getting the fruit of my labor next?! Huh?! I’m at that point. I’m sick of it, just take it all and shut the F up!
Two amusing things about this. Maddie could have been playing Charlie and was referring to Wall Street.

Then at the comments a hapless soul by the name of Zenia starts things off by talking in a slightly liberal Pollyannaish language, not realizing she was going to open the gates of hell. She blithely touches off the master race fury of the Sykes peanut gallery, running nearly four dozen screaming comments. That'll learn her to troll.

Thank you Charlie for your fine contributions to civilized dialogue in Milwaukee. Where else could well reasoned thoughts of someone like Maddie get a chance to stink up the joint?

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