Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CloFu? WTFu?

There are some beautiful nuances to be found in this clip from Fox News Network.

First you have the calculated goofiness of PETA who claim to be making tofu with the "Essence of George Clooney." Is it any wonder that almost no one gives them any credence?

Then you have Clooney's reaction. "Hey! I'm a mammal, too." Sheep poetry.

Third you have the cultural milepost of a news host on a supposedly-major network asking an invited guest if they are, "Nuttier than elephant stool."

And finally you get the Fox Special #4, thickly slathered sexist nonsense with a side of stereotypical homosexual banter as filtered through Murdochian sludge.

FNN and PETA. A match made in media Hell.

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