Thursday, October 25, 2007

As The Blogging World Turns

As many of you know, there have been some issues raised this week. To recap: McBride makes an off-handed comment regarding the murder of two people in the inner city. Whallah! calls her on it. So does the Illusory Tenant. Unfortunately, in the comment section fo IT's post, he or she uses a derogatory slur towards McBride. She jumps on that, pointing out the egregiousness of it. She is right in this, IT's choice of words was way over the line.

IT then exasperates the problem, by trying to rationalize his use of the word. Charlie Sykes, using his radio show, and James Wigderson, using his blogsite, come to her defense and also points out how bad the word is. (At least James addressed the reason IT made that comment).

IT sees the terrible error he, or she, has made and offers an apology for the offensive word. The apology is directed to McBride and anyone else who was pained by the use of the slur. Other bloggers offer their opinions on the situation, both on their blogs and in the comments sections of James's site, IT's site, and Whallah's site. Some point out the inappropriateness of IT's and the left's (guilt by association, I guess) comments. Some come to the defense of the comment. Some point out that some on the right are also guilty of making grievous comments. McBride accepts the apology.

All is well, right? Unfortunately, no. The immaturity has to continue.

One of the commenters on IT's site made another personal attack on McBride and her family. This again is inappropriate, unnecessary and egregious.

McBride sees this and puts the commenter's personal information on her site, and expresses her outrage at the commenter's bringing her kids into it. Which would be a normal response--for most people. Her words:

What kind of a person drags someone's children into it?

What kind of person indeed? Maybe someone like Jessica McBride? (Unfortunately, McBride's original post was lost when 620TMJ dumped her blog, after they terminated her. Hence, the link pointing out her original post.)

So what does all this prove? Nothing that wasn't already known. Neither side has the high ground when it comes to respecting those on the other side. That neither the left, not the right, have a corner on hypocricy. For every affront committed by a liberal, another affront is committed by a conservative. And vice versa.

For the record, Whallah! will continue to monitor and confront the inconsistencies, the incongruities and the untruths told by the right, including, but not limited to, McBride. But as in the past, Whallah! will continue to try to keep things germane to the topic at hand, and not to the person.


  1. McBride has over her rise to mediocrity done plenty of vindictive things that are personal, and not principled. Ironic that she's being shown a courtesy she has never shown others.

  2. Just because she, or any other given blogger, may not choose to do so, Whallah! chooses not to stoop to that level.

    This is akin to the right's argument that torture is justified, because the enemy would do it to our people. I would rather not use terrorists as role models.