Thursday, October 11, 2007

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Jessica McBride can be a very perplexing person at times.

Earlier this year, she added a comment moderator to her blog. She claimed this was due to the abusive, "anonymous trash talkers" who were so mean to her. Now she has an open comment thread regarding an aspect of the Crandon tragedy. How can there be an open comment thread when she is moderating the comments?

That bit of confusion aside, McBride does deserve full credit in the sense that it appears that she is allowing all comments to be posted, even the admittedly "snarky" ones. On the negative side, she is also continuing to allow "John" to leave his comments, like this one from a different post:

john said...

Obviously Jay is a nutroot, but seriously folks, why don't you libs try to make an honest case rather than playing the "RACE CARD" or the "WE LOVE CHILDREN CARD"?The LEFT trotting out the FROST family was just plain stupid.Imagine MEDIA MATTERS was RIGHT LEANING and the Libs trot out the FROSTS. The problem here is that libs believe, even after further review, that the FROSTS are VICTIMS and deserve, MY TAX MONEY to supplement the BAD CHOICES they have made. Libs believe raping and taxing THE WEALTHY more, will solve these problems without ANY REPERCUSSIONS to how the ECONOMY WORKS.

October 10, 2007 11:34 PM


  1. McBride does not screen comments for linearity.

  2. Why should she? She doesn't post with linearity, either.