Monday, October 22, 2007

She Just Doesn't Get It

There is a popular adage that defines insanity as doing he same thing over and over, in the hope of getting different results. If one takes that bit of folk wisdom as a truism, then McBride needs some serious psychiatric services. Either that, or she has an extremely long learning curve.

Apparently, getting terminated from TMJ radio for mocking the death of a black child wasn't enough of a wake up call for our dear McBride. She decides to continue to mock the violence and murders that are occurring in the city of Milwaukee. Linking to this story on TMJ's radio's website, which tells of the murder of two people who were found in a home that happened to be also a recording studio, McBride offers this pithy little statement:

Think they recorded gangsta rap?

This is coming from the same person that complains about conservatives being portrayed as being racist. She is truly insane, or, at least, just not very bright.

UPDATE: Illusory Tenant has identified the woman killed, and it was not a gangsta rapper. Rather a respected local R&B singer. Still no apology from McBride.

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  1. in fact, the female victim was a respected r&b singer and nothing negative has been reported about the male victim, her producer. the presumption should be that they and their loved ones are entitled to the same sympathy as the crandon kids instead of the opposite, racially-stereotyped inference that mcbride wants drawn with no evidence. what kind of a journalist is she?