Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We're Still Waiting

On Saturday, McBride posted what I'm sure she thought was a cute little pun, mocking the death of two people, who were murdered in their own home, which doubled as a recording studio. Whallah! took her to task for that, pointing out the similarity to the stunt that cost her her radio talk show.

It is now Wednesday. Not only has a commenter at Whallah's original post, but also Illusory Tenant, pointed out the identities of the people who were murdered, and that they were far from being "gangstas", as McBride implied. But, perhaps realizing that McBride may not read Whallah! or the Illusory Tenant, Other Side and Grumps point out her lack of good judgement and suggest she apologizes.

Not only were there these sources, but there was today's Milwaukee Sentinel Journal, which we know she does read, as she is frequently criticizing them, which ran a front page story about the murdered couple.

Despite all this, there is nothing from McBride. This leads to a number of questions. Does she think that the murder of two people is as funny and mock-able as the death of a little girl? Or does she just not care? Would she care if the victims were white? Is this the kind of person that should be working at UW-Milwaukee, allegedly teaching journalism, on the taxpayer's dollar?


  1. McBride has posted this update:

    Update: Guess they didn't. R and B. Later stories now show it might be a burglary of the studio that led to the deaths of two up-and coming individuals, one of whom was going places in the R and B music world. Yes, Milwaukee's in a crisis. How many young people like this are we going to lose before we stop tolerating it as a community?

    When I hear about these somewhat makeshift recording studios, the "Funkhouse" is usually what comes to my mind first. Sounds like these young people were far removed from that world.

    No apology there. I think journalism is in a crisis. How long must we tolerate this abuse of what is a noble field.

  2. What, you never seen the warning label on Pro Tools? "Caution: May cause murdering drug dealers."

  3. She can't be a racist: She has pictures of herself with black people.

  4. The pattern of making her fun of dead black people - - her jokes, or comedy - - is pretty disturbing.