Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Talk Radio's Ineffectiveness

As one would expect, now that the state legislature has passed a budget that contains increases in taxes and fees, the right is caterwauling like there's no tomorrow. McBride is adding her shrill screech to the rest of the howlers.

But McBride's howling may seemed a little muffled to the observant. That is because she has once again put her foot into her wide-open mouth. She tries to explain why so many Republicans voted for the proposed budget by saying that they were out of earshot of talk radio, and didn't hear the uprising of the groundswell of displeasure amongst their constituents. She even made a little map, showing where the Republicans that voted yes are from to try to prove her point.

Too bad that she is lying, or at the very least mistaken. A quick Google of radio stations in Wisconsin, and Whallah!, there is a list of radio stations in Wisconsin, at least 20 of which are identified as talk or news/talk stations in the northern and central parts of the state. Now, if one looks at the map again, a good third of the legislatures are within easy range of WTMJ. Some of the other talk radio stations are located in Wausau, Green Bay, Superior, Wisconsin Rapids, Marshfield and Eau Claire. That pretty much covers all of the other Republicans as well.

This makes McBride's premise look as ridiculous as most of her premises are. The reason why the Republicans voted for the proposed budget, even with the hikes, could probably be more realistically explained by the Other Side.


  1. That's quite possibly the dumbest post McBride has ever made, and that's saying something.

    Milwaukee County, where most of the talk radio idjits emanate from, doesn't even elect Republicans.

  2. Thanks, capper ... though I should point out the article was written by David Sirota at Working for Change.

  3. I know, but I guess I was in McBride mode and feeling lazy.

  4. How do her colleagues go to work every day, knowing that she has gainful employment beside them as a "journalism instructor?" She is doing to a UWM journalism degree what George Bush has done to a Harvard M.B.A.