Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

Or another way to phrase that question would be: Which came first, McBride's bitterness towards MSJ, or her xenophobic paranoia regarding illegal aliens?

In a posting titled "What today's slanted Journal Sentinel story on illegal immigration didn't tell you", McBride goes to town about an article reporting that Milwaukee Police have a policy in place that basically states that a federal civil offense is not a high priority for the police, who have other things to worry about.

The title of her posting alone would make you wonder why Jessica apparently feels that she is 'fair and balanced' when a more accurate description would be 'fairly unbalanced'. She even gets into the habit of spastic capitalizations and bold typing which seems to be common among the more loosely-wrapped right-wing bloggers. The only things she's missing is the changing colors throughout the post.

But then she gets really irate when the article quotes Hispanic social advocate Anselmo Villarreal, who supports MPD's approach. McBride claims:

This is a misrepresentation of Villarreal's past stand on this issue.

Unfortunately for McBride, the reporter isn't reporting on what Mr. Villarreal's position was in the past, or whether or not he was duped into making a commercial for her husband's unsuccessful attempt at the Attorney General position. The reporter is quoting Mr. Villarreal's opinion at the present time, on this specific subject.

Either McBride is still stuck in the past, or her hatred of immigrants is so strong, that she cannot accept what is in front of her.

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