Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Tale of Two Media: The Real World and McBride's World

McBride again asserts her authoritah, when she posts about her challenge to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on why they haven't done enough, in her opinion, to cover her latest fetish, the Folsum Street Festival.

If one can get past the poor syntax, grammar and spelling, it comes down to the point that the journalist extraordinaire (although she was never a pulitzer prize nominee, like Whallah) feels that she should be the final word on what consists of being news-worthy.

It doesn't matter if the event was held 2,000 miles away, and that almost no one but McBride and a handful of conservative squawkers even care about it, that is was in fact covered by the paper, both in the business section and an editorial blog written by Patrick McIlheran. It also doesn't matter if the Last Supper is the most imitated and parodied piece of art in the world.

All of this would only matter if it was true in McBride's World.

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  1. An open question to Jessica McBride, since she seems to have appointed herself a defender of Mother Church:

    Can you receive the Sacrament?
    Is your marriage valid according to Canon Law?

    If not, perhaps you might consider renewing your commitments to Catholic norms and traditions, which include compassion for the poor, a love for peace and a commitment to the laws of Church.