Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

UPDATE: The august Brew City Brawler has another profound view on McBride's inner Marie Antoinette. Also, The Hippie Perspective takes on Malkin and the rest of the right-wing smear machine.

McBride, and her soul(less) sister, Michele Malkin, are apparently channeling their inner Marie Antoinette. They are up in arms about the bipartisan desire to expand S-chip, an insurance program for children. To prove their point, they try to demonize a 12 year old boy, who has suffered severe brain trauma in an accident, and his family.

You can read Malkin's blatant disregard for the truth here, and the fact of the case here. Or to save your time, you can get read Jay Bullock's comment to McBride's post:

The rest of us can't even debate the merits of the issue without being slimed as

Going after the family--a family that the State of Maryland had determined in good faith was eligible for a program--on shaky and, it turns out, entirely false grounds is hardly debating the merits of a program. Trying to sneak photos of the inside of a private home (and then mistaking a concrete countertop for granite!) is hardly debating the merits of a program, either.

I have no problem debating the merits of SCHIP. I have a big problem stalking a private family.

Are we talking about the poor helpless 12 year old who attended the $20,000 per
year private school?

Fred, we're talking about the kid who almost died in a car accident; whose brain stem was so badly damaged he had to learn to walk again and still cannot speak clearly; whose parents determined he could get better services at that private school--on scholarship--than in Baltimore's public schools; whose little sister was nearly killed in the accident; whose family had to refinance their house to make modifications to accommodate the newly-disabled children; whose family had been turned down by at least three insurers because of the pre-existing conditions.

If you feel no sympathy--not even a little bit of concern that Malkin and her vultures would attack the family so--then I can't help you. You may be beyond help.

Of course, McBride is upset because those darn lefties (and several righties) want to help those undeserving little brats. Because in McBride's world, taxpayer funded subsidies and entitlements should only go to those most needy and deserving: Halliburton, Blackwater, Big Oil, Big Pharma, etc.

h/t krshorewood

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