Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sometimes, it isn't McBride's postings that are the most outrageous things on her website. Sometimes, it is what other people put in the comments section that is worthy of being noted on Whallah.

An obvious fan (and possibly student) of McBride's is John. He is also apparently on a mission to be as much like his hero as possible, at least when it comes to the written word. In one of her posts, the subject is the ongoing failure of the state legislature to pass a budget. The post in itself is unremarkable, just a link to someone else that thinks like her. But John comes through with this comment:

First, we've know all along the Doyle is not an honest ethical man.
One word. Potawatomi.
We've also known he rewards those who bankroll his campaign or vote in blocks. Unions, minorities, teachers, gays, trial lawyers etc.
What is disturbing is that Doyle said the stuff about "I will not raise taxes". Doyle said the stuff about being open to all ideas. All ideas except one...raising taxes. Then he proposes the largest tax increases in U.S. history. And the left isn't disturbed at his lies, because they expected his pledges to be lies. They have no moral compass.

In one fell swoop, he has managed to insult the Potawatomi tribe calling them unethical, unions, minorities, teachers, gays, trial lawyers (does this include Paul?), and the left (he seems to have forgotten "juvenile, abuse blogs"). That must have brought a tear of joy to McBride's eye. The only thing missing was playing the martyr card.

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  1. And John also totally misattributed the Healthy Wisconsin plan, which Doyle in fact opposed! What a dolt.