Wednesday, October 17, 2007

McBride Is A Liberal?

In the previous post, it was pointed out how 'entertaining' the frequent commentator John can be. He outdoes himself again with this blurb:

i jeff:
Extremely good question.
The answer:Jim Doyle.Of course the liberal media has completely crawled into bed with Doyle. (not that there's anything wrong with that), but those who seek Media as a career path are generally idealistic liberals who are fed liberal pablum from Journalism 101, upto and through their, senior "internships"
Lines have been drawn before the first skirmish. The reporters and those who "dispatch them" are already liberal. You don't get the job without going through LIB schools and applying before LIB decision makers.
Long story short. Doyle is Governor, even though the media sucks his @#$$, Doyle is the one who uses them and does ANYTHING that keeps himself in power.

So, if one is to interpret these ramblings correctly, it appears that he is inferring that McBride is really a liberal, is in bed with Governor Doyle (we presume figuratively speaking), and kisses Doyle's butt. This is counterintuitive to anyone that has followed McBride's storied career, but since she moderates the comments on her site, she must have read it, not found it to be hateful or abuseful or untrue, and allow it to be posted, it must be true.


  1. I don't think it was Doyle's butt that John referred to.

    Still, according to McBride, apparently, his is a reasoned response.

    Oh my.

  2. OS-

    I purposely chose to misread the possible body part. Unlike a certain blogger and some of her commentators, I didn't think it necessary to hit the gutter.

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  4. Not to mention the liberal arts curriculum that we all go through.