Sunday, December 14, 2008

Belling: Making Milwaukee proud again

Mark Belling's most recent racist rant -- -unless he's done another since Wednesday, which is certainly possible -- is noted by Media Matters. (No, that would not be McBride's Media Matters, which thankfully is on a long vacation. It's the real one.)

Mike Plaisted comments.


  1. Ok, I know this is politically incorrect, but, prove Belling is wrong. Show me the statistics. Otherwise, shut the heck up. Where does the most of the crime occur in Milwaukee?
    Belling also said, as quoted by xoff, SOMETIMES crime inreases when minorities move in. Ok, prove Belling is wrong. Hey, sometimes, when whites move into an area, crime increases. So again, prove Belling is wrong instead of using the usual racist/ignorant/racist/ignorant mantra the left just loves.

  2. I see, Dan. So this is apparently the standard in your mind:

    Making broad, sweeping characterizations about a class of people: no evidence required.

    Criticizing those broad, sweeping characterizations: evidence required.

    Are you even aware of the irony of asking Belling critics to prove something? Has Belling ever bothered with "proof" in his entire career? Do you know what the word "proof" means?

  3. I guess I missed the part here where Belling says anything about white people:

    On his radio show, Mark Belling said: "Whether it's blacks, Mexican-Americans, whatever, people who live in a neighborhood should not have to put up with newcomers deciding that that neighborhood is going to be 'Crimeville.'

    Belling continued: "You wonder why racism occurs. Why people fear 'look what's happening to the neighborhood' when some -- when a minority person moves in. The answer is because sometimes it does mean an increase in crime."

  4. After a decade of living in transitional neighborhoods in Milwaukee and having to deal with migratory drug houses, Belling's remarks seem to be a matter of stating the obvious. Blacks, Hispanics, or Hmong people moving into your Milwaukee neighborhood are a good enough indicator that trouble will follow that many onlookers (including other minorities) will stiffen up with a presumptive suspicion that may or may not be justified. More often than not, it is. And this is not good. Rather progressive, isn't it, of Belling to figure that out?

    The problem that Belling, like most people--left or right--don't see is that it's more about class than race, and most Americans are very bad at reading class codes among groups they are not a part of. Plus, "black culture" in the last few decades has deliberately blurred some lines.

    I am pretty sure that few east siders (definitely the liberals and baby boomers) can tell the difference between a real drug dealer and some teenager who adopts the drug-dealer aesthetic for his mode of dress. The panicky confusion--a mixture of fear and guilt--that sets in when such minds are confronted by such realities says a lot about Milwaukee. People here are so self-segregated and self-righteous about race, they don't know how to really relate. They can't distinguish a threat versus a non-threat.