Monday, December 8, 2008

I Bet This Won't Be On His Resume

Jessica McBride wrote a column lamenting the announcement that U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic is resigning his office to go into private practice.

Now, I don't recall if she lamented the fact that the Bush administration had him on a "to be fired" list because he wasn't partisan enough in his prosecutions. I can't check either because, well, you know.

The part that probably made Biskupic cringe and hope that none of his potential clients saw was this:
The bottom line: He, again, had earned the capital to be given the benefit of the doubt. When he said there was no evidence of organized fraud, I took that to mean there was no evidence of organized fraud because he’d convinced me that, if there was, he’d have found it. How did he convince me? Track record.
McBride doesn't have the greatest track record in regards to whom to believe. After all, she repeatedly believed Gableman was a good, honest man.


  1. If I may pimp my blog a little, there is more on the McBride-Biskupic affair (I use the term loosely) here.

  2. Don't forget Biskupic's willing water-hauler, the Sentinel's Gina Barton, a McBride chum. She was hand-fed information from Biskupic and would occassionally write something nominally critical. But in the end, she was a breathless cog in the partisan echo chamber for which Biskupic was puppetmaster.