Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Belling still drinking the Walker Kool-Aid

Mark Belling really, really likes Scott Walker's chances of being the next governor elected in 2010. Don't bet against it, he says.

Before you bet that Walker will win, you might want to check Belling's track record. In 2005 he predicted Walker would run roughshod over Mark Green in the 2006GOP primary and go on to beat Jim Doyle.

More detail here, if you must.


  1. That must be some bitter Kool Aid. Belling always looks like he is going to spit up something.

  2. Reading Belling's column was a little disconcerting. It felt like window-peeping on him writing a mash note to his man-crush.

    If you didn't know the subject of the column you'd have thought that Scott Walker could heal the sick and cure the halt.

  3. While I think it's a pretty safe bet that Walker will end up being the GOP nominee to face Jim Doyle in 2010, I think it's also a pretty safe bet that he'll face the same fate as Mark Green.