Monday, December 8, 2008

Comparing Wax Apples To A-Bombs

Today, on his blog, PaddyMac invents a straw man, and yet still manages to lose to it.

Paddy first claims that Obama is trying to perpetuate the fiscal crisis caused by Bush and his failed economic policies, which Paddy just loves. His criticism is that Obama isn't doing enough to fix Bush's mistakes, even though he's not even sworn into office yet. (Imagine how loudly PaddyMac and his buddies would be squawking if Obama took an even more assertive stance.)

Paddy then shows his true lack of integrity by repeating an outright lie:
Look, the outgoing administration, having itself come into office after a vindictive transition that saw Clinton staff trashing offices and peeling W’s off keyboards, appears to want to make things smooth. The economy’s in crisis, the Treasury is asking how the new guy wants to proceed so it doesn’t set up something at loggerheads with where we’ll be going in the next four years – and Obama can’t even involve aides of “sufficient rank” on the conference call?

First of all, the whole trashing the White House and the keyboard stories have all been debunked:
Accounts that departing Clinton administration officials destroyed office equipment and committed other acts of vandalism in the White House during the presidential transition were significantly overblown, a manager at the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, said yesterday.

The General Services Administration found nothing unusual about the condition of White House offices after Clinton officials left, and President Bush's staff said it had no records that indicated damage or subsequent repair work, the accounting office manager said.
But even if PaddyMac was telling the truth for once, I say so what? He is going to mince about a few keyboards being vandalized, when the Bush administration has raped and left to ruin not one, but two separate countries.

I feel safe in saying that I would rather have to replace a couple of keyboards and scrub a few walls than to deal with the damage from Hurricane Katrina (which Bush still hasn't done), a full blown recession (if not already a depression), the mess in Iraq, strained relations with most of the world and the multitude of other messes Cowboy George has created.

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