Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Would An Organized Political Party Act Like This?

Nah. But that doesn't stop the RPW and their apologists.

Chris Schneider, the erstwhile Dennis York, blogging over at the WPRI Think Tank Command Central gets to take the official snark shot at Jeff Wood. It's replete with "joint committee" and Big Lebowski jokes and all those other compassionate, sympathetic bromides that the WPRI scribblers maintain are the hallmarks of Conservative action. One wonders what "policy" Schneider was researching when he wrote this attack.

Lest we forget, it wasn't so very long ago that Jeff Wood was one of the RPW's shining stars, tasked with being the saddle-pal of Crazy Frank as they ramrodded the ill-fated TABOR Bill to its quick and certain demise.

Now that Wood has turned his back on the "leadership" of RPW, his former groupies are only too happy to pile on him while he's down. Remember this post for the next time Charlie tries to convince us that conservatives are, somehow, travellers of a higher road. The next time Belling or Wagner start bitching that Liberals are mean you can point them in this direction.

Jeff Wood will pay for his transgressions. He will pay in time and money and honor. If he's smart he'll come out stronger and better. If he's smart he'll ignore the piffle falling off WPRI and their ilk. But then, that's just good policy any day.


  1. Congrats grumps.

    A Wallah finally made it onto WisOpinion.

    Unless I am wrong, you are the first.

  2. A retraction is in order.

    Turns out our liege lord capper has already had Wallah posts gracing WisOpinion. Credit where credit is due.

    Nice to see our blog however is getting the attention it deserves to irritate more on a wider basis.

  3. Uhm, does it really take much to get put there? Can't you suggest a post yourself?

  4. You can John, but we are all modest men here.

  5. I also believe that Xoff made it several times from the cyberpages of this site.


    When you're truly good at what you do, you don't have to tell people that you are. It shows in your work.

  6. Now if we could get picked up by Leftyblogs.