Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Rise And Fall Of Fischer

It was just about a year ago that yours truly stumbled upon a most disagreeable person, a miscreant, a regular brigand, if you will. Yes, I am speaking of Kevin Fischer.

Greg Kowalski, who Fischer thought he could bully with his bombastic belligerence, writes a post documenting the fall of Fischer, who has alienated almost everyone in Franklin:

It all came down to this: When both liberals and conservatives in Franklin cannot stand or tolerate the attitude or behavior of an individual that is paid with their tax dollars, you know there will be problems. That's exactly what happened after what some Milwaukee-area bloggers labeled a bit of late-night rowdiness in late January, where I was pinned against a wall and repeatedly taunted, attacked, and demoralized by Fischer. These comments were saved for all of the metropolitan area to read, and boy did they read! The childish actions by Fischer were plastered on tens of Milwaukee-area blogs, both liberal and conservative. Milwaukee Magazine ran two articles sharply criticizing Fischer's actions and his boss, State Senator Mary Lazich, for keeping such an individual on her staff. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if some politicians discussed the matter behind closed doors with their staff members, encouraging them to not repeat what just happened with Lazich's office. Simply put, Fischer was on his way tumbling down.


The rise and fall of Kevin Fischer is a well-documented case of an individual who thought that no matter what he said or what he did, there would be no consequences to rest on his shoulders. If he would have continued to maintain the solidarity he had with other Franklin bloggers, the whole political spectrum in Franklin could have been very, very different today. As with many mean-spirited individuals with a nasty attitude, Fischer ended up doing himself in. To be honest with all you, though, I don't have a sense of pity or remorse for what he ended up to be.

And to emphasize how Fischer has alienated even his former allies, Kowalski provides us two links to posts by Fred Keller, a one-time staunch ally of Fischer's.

Keller's first post highlights Fischer's hypocritical attitude towards ethics. I personally if Fischer even knows the definition of the word.

Keller's other post describes how Fischer went boom over Boomgaard.

Fischer must be feeling awfully lonely lately. Most bullies do, sooner or later.


  1. Cap,

    Over on my Franklin Today blog, Mr. Keller goes into a little bit of detail as to why he dropped off from being a "card carrying member" of Team Fischer.

  2. Duly noted. I've added him to my reader and will keep reading him.

    I am glad to see Keller has made some important strides. Unfortunately, he still has his moments, like calling Michelle Obama the c-word.