Monday, December 29, 2008

Filet O'Fischer

Methinks that it is well documented indeed that Kevin Fischer, star of blog, TV, radio and his own delusions, can be, well, a bit of a pompous ass.

A while ago, Fischer went after David Hintzman, a developer that is working on the Fountains of Franklin. What Fischer's beef against Hintzman wasn't clear. Until now.

Greg Kowalski, at Metro Milwaukee Today, relays an email he received from some concerned Franklinites. The email is a letter from Mr. Hintzman, who addresses some of Fischer's malicious smear jobs. Here is an excerpt that makes things so much clearer:
Mr. Fischer continues to complain about our project, considering it has been on hold. It is interesting that he chooses to not complain about the Crossroads retail development that has been discussed since 2004 with community meetings, much planning, and attracted three major developers. Yet, nothing has been built on that site. On October 31st, 2006, the Target center was pitched to be an upscale town center like Greenway Station (in Middleton, WI) and the Brookfield Towne Center. However to date, three frontage buildings resemble a one-story strip mall, not what was initially presented. Furthermore, the only tenant that is under interior construction is a Cousin’s. It is very telling that Mr. Fischer elects only to complain about my project. I can only surmise that Mr. Fischer’s attacks on me relates to the fact that I laid off his wife after I contracted for services through a temporary employment agency.

I am still waiting for Mr. Fischer to use his vast development knowledge and experience to be productive and maybe even develop something himself instead of criticizing others from the ‘cheap seats’. Considering this hasn't happened yet, it appears that his method of attack is to over-compensate for his personal shortcomings and/or his self-esteem.

If you are someone who enjoys learning about local happenings via the blogs, but value receiving accurate information, I would recommend that you and your neighbors not waste your time reading Mr. Fischer’s blog. There is no point.

Even that made me wince. The sad part is that Mr. Hintzman is absolutely correct. Fischer's accuracy is almost as bad as Mark Belling's. Why does WISN keep these guys around anyway? In case the janitors go on strike or something?

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