Thursday, December 25, 2008

James T. Harris: Girlie Man

James T. shows off his superficiality with this post pondering the physique of Barack Obama. I thought it was jealousy at first, until he gets later into his post with this:

Now... I'll say it... What the hell is going on with Michelle? Article-1100584-02DFEFB3000005DC-585_233x423
Could there be a correlation between the towel she's wearing and the chip she's eating? And before you all start tripping on me, remember, Hillary showed hers first!Images

Getting rather catty there, aren't you James. I think this goes beyond mere sexism. Given that he is snarky with both Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, I think he is just afraid of strong women. That can happen to men that aren't secure in their masculinity, you know.

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  1. Yeah, I'm willing to bet James is more than a little intimidated by strong women who'd challenge his beliefs.