Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No, Bill. It Looks As If They Already Have Letterhead.

Navel gazing, Cheddarstyle.

WisOpinion posts a link to The Esteemed Mr Wigderson...

Which is almost all, and only a gush fest cut-and-paste of a Koshnick release which was originally posted on Wispolitics yesterday. That's kind of the long way round for what is basically a letter stating that the nascent campaign is fixin' to begin to get started on a mosey towards an office.

Now I'm certain that James doesn't have to resort to copying the release off the Internets, what with his connections and all. I'm just wondering where the news is here that warrants all this attention. It's pretty clear that Koschnick hasn't gotten his papers turned in yet. So far there is no campaign but there is a fundraising portal. Sing, "Hallelujah."

The release tells us far more about "Senior Campaign Advisor" Seamus Flaherty than about the candidate himself. Some enterprising soul might ask the judge about his own vision of how faith and the law should be integrated, perhaps. You know, if he had some one-on-one time with the judge he could see if he agrees with Flaherty's Alma Mater that it's a grand idea.

One might also ask about "Campaign Advisor" Tristan Cook. Young Mr Cook is shown as the manager of the Madison campaign HQ for John McCain. Now, it would take a great leap of faith to believe that McCampaign thought they should commit their heavy hitters to the Madison office. Young Mr Cook was perfect for the sacrificial position. He came to them on the rebound, having been Co-Chair of Students For Romney in Iowa. Before that Cook served as a Field Rep on an un-named-by-the-release Congressional campaign in Iowa. That would have been the 2006 campaign of Jim Leach, a 30-year incumbent who managed to eke out a loss to a Democrat who had qualified only as a write-in in the primary.

I'm also hoping that someone asks what became of the judge's erstwhile Campaign Manager, Todd Albaugh. There seems to be no mention of the failed candidate for Assembly in this latest release. What's become of Todd? Did he fianlly have to look for private sector work after years of suckling at the public teat? Is he consulting with GBG? (Probably not. Huh?)

BTW, Bill. The letterhead shows the scales of Justice tipped to the right. It's probably a coincidence.


  1. Grumps, maybe this is an attempt by Wiggie to raise his search engine score?

  2. It's not about James, Keith. I'm sure he gets enough hits for him to think it worthwhile without the circular WisXxxx references.

    I just wanted to comment on what passes for press release content in January. At least somebody emailed James with something he thought worthwhile to post.

  3. The thing is, whatshisname's campaign is almost irrelevant. It's what the big boys at WMC decide to do, in their own name or undercover, that counts.

  4. You forgot to mention the Facebook page (that wasn't mentioned in the press release). I know it seems odd, but the majority of my readers are conservatives (admittedly, not all) and occasionally they like to be told where to find information on their favorite candidates.

    Why WisPolitics picked that up and not some of my other brilliance you'll have to ask them. Maybe if you recommended to them some of my posts, they would pick those instead.

    As for my search engine score, I just wrote a post about nudity, so I'm sure my traffic will go up just fine. Of course, life hasn't been the same since the Milwaukee J/S thought I was so brilliant they picked my blog nearly every single week as the Best of the Blogs.

    Thank you for your concern about whether posting a press release is beneath me. I assure you there's almost nothing I won't do for my fans.

    Glad you enjoy the blog, and stop back anytime. Buy a coffee mug or a t-shirt so your friends know you read the Wigderson Library & Pub.

    My next autograph session is at Papa's Pub on January 13th.

  5. So how does one become a favorite candidate? Has anyone read and evaluated a single opinion of Koschnick's? Isn't the Justice job largely about readin' and writin'?

    I'd respond at the Pub, but I've been banned for my horrid behavior. If only I could behave like Gus/Mickey, I'd be welcome everywhere.

  6. What, James has a blog? When did that start? He should learn some self-promotion skills, methinks.

  7. Wow, now I'm "banned by webmaster" at RealDebate, too, without even a fare-thee-well.

  8. Oh, I forgot to leave the link.

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    Anything I can do for my fans!