Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bush Did The Right Thing, Sykes Complains

From the prodigal Brawler:

What does it take for Charlie Sykes to turn on George Bush?

Torture? No. War? No. Huge deficits? No?

How did George W. Bush earn one of Charlie Sykes' deep tunnel awards? Throw a lifeline to the Big Three. The winners? The UAW (although they are looking at making serious givebacks). The losers, in Sykesland? The taxpayer (who apparently would be "winners" if the U.S. auto sector tanked.

It's odd. Charlie seems to think that -- at least he claims to think -- that a modest sales tax increase or a sick day mandate would decimate jobs in Milwaukee.

But in his eyes an effort (imperfect, yes, but an effort) to prevent the destruction of potentially hundreds of thousands of jobs (though job loss in the the U.S. based auto sector will measure in the tens of thousands in the coming years even in a best-case scenario) in the midst of a recession is a shitty thing to do...
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