Monday, December 17, 2007

The Definition of Success

McBride's blogtalkradio must be really taking off! They had A CALLER!

I bet the bubbly was flowing at the McBride/Bucher house tonight.


  1. In an uncharacteristic display of honesty and insight, she decided the "show" was annoying and unlistenable, which was pretty much Jon Schweitzer and Greater Milwaukee's verdict also. There's hope for her yet.

  2. Did you note that Ms. McBlog and her husband were in "DIFFERENT" rooms?
    (Why the capitalization, which I reproduce from the original?) I believe such an arrangement may impair the natural chemistry of the duo, and something of the performance must of necessity be lost.
    Anyway, I think the show should be a video podcast.

  3. They could broadcast from the hot tub that was the only thing he wanted from the marriage McBride broke up, according to the divorce decree. They could call their show, "The Descent."

  4. This week's guest, Mark Chmura.