Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Let's Play The McBride Game!

Here's a new game for you to try, gentle readers. All you have to do is read the following paragraph taken from this post, and see how many factual errors and/or omissions you can find:
Let's hope those intelligence estimates - much assailed by Democrats for their past inaccuracy on Iraq - are right this time. I'd rather have the situation in Iraq, than inaction based on estimates that are wrong and consequently end up with a nuclear Iran in my lifetime. At least in Iraq, we deposed a belligerent tyrant who gassed women and children and wanted to get nukes to destroy Israel.

To start you off with a hint: Tim Rock already has two in her comments section.


  1. I refuse to go to her page, for fear it will boost the ratings. I will say it again, though, since she continues to beat the war drums: Get her stepchildren from the most previous Mrs. Bucher to enlist. If you are playing with house money, your arguments don't count. Enlist and go fight if you want to fetishize war, or send your children, or the children of the woman whose marriage you broke up. Put your money where your mouth is, you warmonger.

  2. Does Charlie Sykes have kids? Or Patrick McIlheran (judging by his picture, I would guess no one would mate with him, but whatever)? Let them send their kids, too. Get their nieces and nephews, their kids, their cousin's kids, get them all to enlist to fight their Great Crusade; slake their bloodlust; give them their food for powder. War, war, war, unending, relentless war. It's what Jesus would do and we are fools for not being able to comprehend their majestic arguments, no matter if we come from military families and know the true costs of war. March, march, to the idiot drumbeat, to their pagan idols, to their false faith. If we don't, well we'll just be weak. Not as if these pussies lived in suburban comfort and have never known want, have never worn the uniform, and will therefore be bathed in brimstone the moment they expire.

  3. My father served in the Marines in Vietnam. I did my six plus two in the Army Reserves to pay for college. My brother was in the first Gulf War (Air Force pussy). Let's hear from the Bomb Iran crowd about their military backgrounds and about how They Know Best. Remember Charlie Sykes's war parties trying to gin up support to launch Gulf Two? Sickening. He should have to scrub the returning coffins with his toothbrush.