Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Perhaps We Should Waterboard Them Too

McIlheran is so proud of his article from this morning's paper that he just had to blog about it. Too bad both proved him to be a senseless, heartless lout. He feels that because a doctor might have his feelings hurt by doing something against their conscious, like providing treatment options to women who have been raped, those women should be forced to carry around the reminder of their victimization for nine more months, at least.

Of course, McIlheran seems to be confused about giving information and mandating a specific treatment, but if he let a little thing like reality get in his way, he'd have nothing to write about.

One of the commenters at this post made a good point:

I'm a Catholic opposed to abortion. I'm also opposed to a doctor letting his/her faith interfere with treating a patient. Where does it end? Force-feeding a brain-dead patient against the power of attourney (sic) wishes. A Muslim doctor refusing to treat a patient who is alchohlic (sic). These situations have happened. Regular oral contraceptives can prevent a fertilized egg from planting into the uterus. So should a doctor refuse to provide oral contraception because it is against their faith?

And our friend Mike Mathias, at Pundit Nation, adds:
And, again, if your conscience won’t permit you to offer a minimum level of care to a rape victim, take a pass on entering the emergency medicine field.
There’s probably an opening somewhere pushing down elderly widows or taking bets at dog fights.

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