Sunday, December 16, 2007

Those Who Live In Glass Houses...

McBride shows us what she thinks is her insightful wit by questioning what Senator Hillary Clinton has accomplished and what would make her qualified to be President. Apparently being a United States Senator is not much of an accomplishment in McBride's world. She includes these lines in her post:

Which begs the question: What HAS Hillary accomplished? What idea has she wned? Don't say health care because failed projects aren't accomplishment.

Don't give me bio. That's not accomplishment....

This is coming from a woman who has her own "failed project" and has to pad her own biography to give her a false sense of gravitas. Which, again, raises the question: Why is she teaching journalism?

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  1. Hmmm. A lawyer ranked among the 100 best in the country who advocated for children for much of her adult career and secured victories in legislatures across the country, even before a landslide and historic victory as a U.S. senator? Is that any more or less impressive than being a short-term, middling cops reporter with a reputation for moral turpitude who built a forgettable career at a mediocre regional newspaper, then leaped to "prominence" by aping the right-wing positions of her adulterous husband?