Thursday, December 6, 2007

She Misses The Point-Again

McBride is still trying to rationalize a way to start a war with Iran, even though recent reports show that the rights' main argument for it was just another lie. She's so upset that she is calling Iranian President Ahmadinejad an anti-Semite. (Hellooo! We've been through this already, Jessica. Ahmadinejad is a Semite. How can he be anti-himself?)

Anyway, she goes on to list a number of quotes that she attributes to Ahmadinejad. Whallah! would like to point out a number of (paraphrased) quotes by another world leader:

"I will restore integrity to the White House."

"Iraq is trying to get nucular weapons."

"Those aluminum tubes...they're for launching nucular weapons."

"We know where those weapons of mass destruction are."

"I stopped drinking alcohol."

"We will help New Orleans rebuild."

You see, Jessica doesn't get what we already know. One shouldn't put too much stock in the rantings of an ultraconservative, theocratic, and insane person who doesn't speak English very well.

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  1. When she can name five relatives within one generation who have been in the military; hell, when she can name one, then maybe I'll believe her when she tries ginning up another war. Until then, she should shut her mouth and stick to things she knows about, such as home-wrecking.