Thursday, December 20, 2007

Father PaddyMac

McIlheran, like an obsessed Captain Ahab, is still ranting about Plan B:

In my more-stuff post on emergency contraception the other day, I mentioned that
Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison had just this week come out in opposition to the bill that would order hospitals to pass out Plan B.

As was mentioned before, hospitals and doctors would not be ordered to pass out Plan B. They would be ordered to inform the patient of the options for medical treatment, which would be the ethical thing to do.

That means the patient would then be allowed to consult with the doctor and determine what course of treatment they would prefer. I guess freedom is just a liberal thing and Father McIlheran doesn't get it. But he should feel reassured by the bill, because the next time he gets raped and becomes impregnated, he can make the choice to keep the baby.

Our friend Kay has a few thoughts to share as well:

Also, any invasive surgery or medical treatment should not be forced or denied to any person. There are always two sides to every coin and when you start talking about denying medical treatment based on anything other than medical science then you have to look at the move towards forced medical procedures. A case in point would be my sister-in-law who had to have a planned pregnancy terminated due to both the inability of the fetus to survive as well as her own health. She had this done at a Catholic hospital in Milwaukee,( I won't post the name because of medical confidentiality). Now, what if the doctors would have thought that there was a chance of the survival of the baby at the risk of her life?

You can read the rest of the post here. For some reason, I think a woman would have a stronger understanding and argument in this matter than McIlheran.

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