Wednesday, December 12, 2007

She's Still Missing The Point

We've already discussed how McBride completely struck out on the issues around the church shootings in Nebraska over the weekend. As with most stories like this, as time goes on, the media gets more information so that we have a clearer picture of what happened and what let up to it.

McBride doesn't like this. The Minneapolis Star Tribune points out that the hero security guard was a former Minney cop who was fired after lying during an internal investigation of an incident in which she cussed out a bus driver. This irks McBride and her readers to no end.

There are also other things of relevance to the story that McBride isn't covering. These are covered by, ironically, one of her archenemies (she has so many) Illusory Tenant. They include the fact that the guard indeed did not kill the gunman, but he shot himself in the head and the cult-like atmosphere of the megachurch itself. She is probably waiting to figure out how to pin the blame for the tragedy on illegal immigrants, islamofacists, Democrats, hate/abuse blogs and/or Eugene Kane.

Ironically, she is upset that the media is doing their job in this tragedy and getting out the news about the players in this incident, but she is, at the same time, griping that there is no news about the players in the Crandon shootings.


  1. "Is this a new media standard?"

    Sorry Jessie, this is the old media standard.

    By nature a good reporter is at some level a cynic or it would not be possible to do this job.

    When someone sets themselves up as moral person as this security guard did, you take your seat in the dunk tank. This reporting takes nothing away from what she did, only it rightfully what she said afterwards.

    And Jessica teaches journalism?

  2. That info was released by both the Minneapolis PD and the police union. The AP story notes that additional info was sought by reporters, records of commendation, for example, but were told that any such records had been destroyed.

    In other words, if there was a record of commendation, that would have been reported too, in which case I'm sure there would have been no charges of irrelevancy leveled.

    New media standard? No. Same old double standards of the complainant - yes.

  3. McBride was a horrible reporter, so it bears noting for the record that any cop-involved shooting, or any use of force, begs the question about the shooter's record. Standard practice. No offense meant and none taken. It's Journalism 101, which I shudder to think that this fraud teaches.