Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Paging Dr. McIlheran, Paging Dr. McIlheran

Father PaddyMac is back on his bully pulpit, preaching of the sins of Plan B. What caused Father Paddy to get all worked up was when State Representative Terry Musser (R-Melrose) and State Representative Sheldon Wasserman (D-Milwaukee) wrote a rebuttal to all of Father Paddy's previous sermons.

Oh, how he is pontificating and proselytizing, but not saying anything. Of course, he doesn't have the same qualification as Representative Wasserman who is an OB-GYN. McIlheran on the other hand, is a precocious hack who only incites the moral pose when it is convenient, and forgets it when its not.

When my car is need of repair, I consult a mechanic. When I am sick, I see my doctor. If I were to wonder about the female reproductive system, I would rely on the OB-GYN.

If I ever want to learn to be hypocritical, then I will consult with Father PaddyMac.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that McIlheran proves that he knows he's losing by attacking Pundit Nation, not on the merits of the issue, but for the wording of this post. Typical conservative maneuver, if you can't win on the merits, attack the opponent.


  1. Paddy is so full of crap. If we are to let people exercise their morals then let's open the flood gates. Someone works at an insurance company and they bulk at cutting off coverage who has a life-threatening medical condition. Let the money flow.

    Someone has to perform a state sanctioned execution and they suddenly have a change of perspective. Let's him withhold the needle.

    Our jobs are fraught with moral decisions and possible compromises. You know what Paddy. You wrestle with it and either do what you're told or you stand up and be a man -- on your own without the help of the state. And maybe your bold resistance will inspire others. But this won't.

    Nothing is funnier than that term we used to hear -- "courage to be a conservative" -- which equates to none.

  2. Or someone should stop doddering old ranters from posting lies...but my moral compass won't allow me to do that.

    Cap, it would REALLY be worthy of you to actually refute McIlheran's argumentation rather than breathing heavily all over the internetweb.

  3. Um, Dad, Wasserman is a doctor. He refuted it. Why do I need to do it over? I realize and appreciate your strong Catholic beliefs, but that doesn't necessarily make the teachings of the Church factual. You're a smart man, you know the history.

  4. Wasserman is a politician--and a doc.

    His politician instincts took over when he started the doubletalk about "when life begins."

    But he forgot Med School 101: it begins at conception, just like it says in the books.

    So don't quote LYING doctors to me, Capper.