Monday, December 17, 2007

We're Here To Help

It seems that McBride is taken with her own success on her blogtalkradio, now that she had one whole caller.

She now has the brainstorm of doing an end-of-the-year show, and wanted to invite some liberal bloggers to join her. She reported that she sent out invitations to Xoff, Jay Folkbum (that would be Jay Bullock to you and me), and Paul Soglin. Unfortunately for McBride, Jay and Paul were both busy and Xoff had too much self-respect.

Well, Whallah! would like to help McBride out. She can email me at and I would be glad to help. We could also get Illusory Tenant to help out too, since she seems to be having problems getting people. But something tells me she might ask Jim Rowen and Eugene Kane first.

SIDENOTE : Whoever this Tim Rock person is, please email me at the same address. I'd love to have you as a contributor to Whallah!

UPDATE: IT has checked his schedule. Unfortunately he is also busy. He said that he plans on celebrating Christmas by "burning down a church and eating a baby." (Yes, Jessica, that was a joke.) Oh well, maybe the Brawler would be available, although she would need a lot more conservatives than her and Paul to take us on.


  1. She was such an esteemed reporter at the Sentinel: Why doesn't she get one of her benefactors there to chime in, since she blazed such a storied path across the skies of Milwaukee journalism.

  2. I resent that. I may eat the baby first.